Welcome! You want to dance, and you need lessons?

Choose your adventure. You are:

  1. Looking to go out dancing with your spouse or partner now and again, to have a good time.
  2. Looking to dance, and you're quite excited about it.
  3. Looking to meet some fun people.

Citizen "A"

After years of observing couples taking lessons together, we think the best starting route for you is to attend our Swing 106 introductory lesson series, or just come out dancing.

Our calendar has all of our upcoming events.

Citizen "B"

You've been to our dances, and want more than our intro lessons? You are the type of person who should take one of the series classes taught by members of our community.

At the end of the series you will be ready for events like the Portland Lindy Exchange, featured in the video below.

Citizen "C"

Come out dancing, already!